Nitric Oxide Supplements For The Major Muscles

Nitric oxide supplements and bodybuiding?

What do you think about the above statement?

Let us move on the importance of nitric oxide supplement and legal steroid pills in the bodybuilding world.

First, you should understand about the nitric oxide.

What Is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a natural gas also called nitrogen monoxide that is produced by the body naturally through the action of an enzyme called as nitric oxide synthases.

Nitric oxide supplements

NO plays an important role in the body, such as the signaling molecule in the vascular system, increases the flow of blood, improves the oxygen circulation and supply the nutrients to the entire muscle cells.

There are 30,000 of the of the scientific papers have been published about the nitric oxide’s role in the Vasodilation and the communication between the cells.

Moreover, basically it is responsible for conveying the information between the cells “Communication molecule”

Use Of Nitric Oxide For The Medical Purpose And Popular As A Sports Supplement:

Nitric oxide is used for the treatment of heart, erectile dysfunction, hypertension and the other functions.

Though it is popular among the bodybuilders and athletes for the function of widening the blood vessels.

How Can You Boost Up The Level Of Nitric Oxide In The Body Naturally?

There are many ways to increase the nitric oxide naturally in the body in which the healthy diet is more suitable.

The diet includes the spinach, celery, beets, carrots, cabbage, parsley, radishes and collard greens.

Grape seed extract, Vitamin C, garlic, Citrulline and arginine can boost up the level of nitric oxide naturally.

There are many herbs responsible for pump out the nitrogen level in the body.

Exercises such as the strength training are associated with the improved level of nitric oxide in the body.

It is hard to manage the diet and spent time on the exercises, so there is an option of the supplement.

What Is The Nitric Oxide Supplement?

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Nitric oxide supplements are prepared with the natural amino acids such as the arginine and L-arginine.

These amino acids are the building block of the nitric oxide. The amino acids in the supplements are encouraged the body to boost up the nitric oxide level in the blood for performing the variety of functions in the body.

Best Nitric Oxide Boosters Of 2017:

Crazybulk supplements are considered as the safest for naturally increasing the nitric oxide level in the body.

  • No2 max:

No2 max is formulated with natural ingredients that can boost up the nitric oxide level in the body, it can improve the blood flow and oxygen level in the body.

The supplement does not allow you to feel fatigued and involved in the faster recovery.

No2 max is manufactured with the amino acids such as L-Arginine alpha ketoglutarate and L-Arginine.

You can easily stack the No2 max with any of the Crazybulk supplements.


Who knew that the bulky and chubby Chris Pratt will stun his fans by shedding nearly sixty pounds in just six months?

chris pratt

It is completely unbelievable from a laid back personality like Pratt, who proved that once you have determined on something, no force can stop you!

The Guardians of the Galaxy star gives credit to the rigorous workouts that he performed for 4 hours a day.

He believes that the weight loss journey is a combination of several factors that primarily include balanced diet and lots of exercises.

It is hard to believe that Pratt once weighed 300 pounds:

Known for his role as Andy Dwyer in famous sitcom Parks and Recreation, Pratt weighed almost 300 pounds while auditioning for the Marvel movie.

Pratt, 35, created ripples in Hollywood when he posted his topless selfie on Instagram. He flaunted his 6 packs in the picture with the title ‘six months no bear’.

He further expressed his embarrassment to share such a picture of himself but his brother insisted him to do that. He posted a sexy picture that nearly took away his fan’s breath.

Well, we believe you are on the right track Pratt, as your picture actually helped you landing up in the lead role of Star-Lord. Or you must thank your brother for this amazing opportunity!

Pratt took professional help:

chris pratt before and after

Pratt, to achieve his dream body took professional help from personal trainer Duffy Gaver. He further gives credit to his nutritionist Phil

Goglia who helped him re-design his diet plan. Phil Golia, author of Up the Heat, restricted his caloric intake up to 4000 calories a day.

She instructed him to stay hydrated and for that, he has to drink lots and lots of water every day. For him, drinking that much of water was the worst part of this journey, as he was peeing all day!

Pratt’s routine workouts:

Besides taking a balanced diet, Pratt followed routine workouts to get the body shape he desired.

His key workouts include swimming, boxing, kick boxing, and sometimes triathlon too.

The Zero Dark Thirty actor has tried his best since then to stick to his plan, as much as possible. He worked with his trainer six days a week while getting ready for his role as ‘Owen’ in the revamped edition of Jurassic Park.

For him, getting the desired shape meant everything, as now he is compatible to perform any role he likes. He feels super-confident now!

Pratt admitted to gain weight for Parks and Recreation:

Pratt admitted that he had to gain weight for his role in Parks and Recreation, but now he is in no mood to put-on weight again.

Today, he feels that he has more control over his body. This makes him feel happy and contented. So once again, there is no chance to look like old chubby Pratt anymore. It seems like the star has made up his mind!

Fans’ reactions on Pratt’s weight loss:

chris pratt before and after 2017

Well, generalizing his fans reaction doesn’t seem a big deal at all, as he has received positive reviews on social media and from the critics as well.

He became immensely popular with his 6 packs and his fans are really happy to see him like this. Even Pratt is satisfied with his current health status and appearance.

Pratt impressed his fans with his acting skills in Jurassic Park as Owen, and of course, his slimmed down body too.

The movie received positive reviews from fans and Pratt’s appearance as an action hero was appreciated too. Well, it was never possible without the immense weight loss he went through!

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Chris Pratt – Then v/s Now:

We all can see that Pratt is hotter than ever and that is only because of the extra 60 pounds he shed with time.

chris pratt workout

While talking to GQ once, he shared how unhappy he was while being fat. He was facing some health issues like aching bones and cardiovascular problems. He felt too rotten from inside with no confidence at all.

But today, everything has changed for him. He has come a long way and the journey was tiresome yet rewarding for him.

He also gives credit to his wife, Anna Faris, who has been too supportive throughout this phase.

He confided all his weight loss problems with her and she ensured to be there for him!

New Chris Pratt – At a glance:

Pratt, on multiple counts has happily shared his experience and his determination to stay in shape. He does not want to quit at any point and is enjoying his new looks.

He feels he still has a long way to go and will continue to shed his excess weight.

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According to him, this new phase of his life has given him more control over himself.

Well, The Celebrity News Blog wish Pratt the very best of luck!